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The last of the leaves are dropping from the trees and the days are getting progressively shorter. Yesterday the first flakes of snow fell and though they were fleeting and melted instantly, it has me wishing that autumn could hang on for just a few moments longer. I didn’t get my fill of foliage yet. And I haven’t had a single sip of cider yet.

On a lighter note, I have come to the conclusion that vineyards are infinitely more enjoyable during the autumnal months than during the dead of summer. I’m vividly recalling a particular trip that Charlie and I took over the summer to a certain vineyard overlooking a bluff on Long Island’s North Fork. The view was incredible and the wine was pretty good, too, but it was preceded by the longest, sweatiest bicycle ride during the summer’s most unbearable heat wave. By the time our wine was poured, I was ready for a dip in the ocean. Our intentions were good, but it was not the most enjoyable way to spend a summer afternoon.

But in the fall, the air is crisp and cool. You can enjoy a glass of white and not be preoccupied with mopping sweat from your brow. A few weeks ago, we took a trip north to Rhinebeck, NY and then detoured out to Millbrook Winery to spend the afternoon with friends. I’d recommend you take similar course of action if you still have a few lingering, sunny days of fall left wherever you are.


Don’t mind the criss-crossing power lines. Modern technology can screw up even the most scenic vistas.


DSC_0465 DSC_0468

Tempting bunches of grapes still ripe for the picking.

DSC_0471 DSC_0477

I could duck out of Brooklyn for that dusty drive any weekend.DSC_0480