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I know what you are all probably thinking. “Did it really take her almost two weeks to get over this whole bike theft thing?” I promise I’m not THAT upset. But efforts to catch the perpetrator, which included scouring Craigs List and peering into empty lots around Brooklyn, were unsuccessful.

It’s just been really busy around here. Maybe because summer is wrapping up and we’ve been trying to cross all those remaining summery things off our list. Or maybe because piles of work just keep creeping up at all hours of the day. Regardless, I looked at the calendar today and realized the first day of September has already come and gone. And I wasn’t even watching!

Since I’m torn between feelings of summer sadness and autumn excitement, I’ll post a few photos from our trip to Cape Cod to help ease the transition. Summer was a great season, filled with lots of travels, city excursions, and foods, but I have no doubt it’ll be back again next year. Same time, same city.

And hopefully, next year will bring more weekends like these. Because the Cape is a pretty great place to while away a few days, if you ask me.

We were lucky enough to have this little beach just within walking distance.

And most times, we had the whole sandy spot to ourselves. A little slice of the ocean reserved just for us.

The only thing missing is a picture of our annual lobster feast. But once the table was set, my eyes glazed over and I consumed that lobster with a speed and precision that only those who frequent the Cape will understand.